The Saatva Company: Sleep On It

Saatva Mattresses
This ad appeared in the June 12, 2016, issue of the New York Times Magazine

They had been in the conference room for over three hours. It felt like longer.

But their boss said they couldn’t leave until they came up with an idea for a new mattress. “The mattress industry is ripe for disruption,” according to his coffee mug, and he’d ordered them to figure out how to disrupt it.

The whiteboard had gone dark with ideas, scribbled in a rainbow of dry-erase shades. Two-for-one mattress sales. Eco-friendly mattresses made from 100 percent post-consumer content. Used mattresses from celebrities. Mattress-of-the-month clubs.

But none of them felt like the answer. And they were running out of time, because Steve really, really needed to use the bathroom.

Chad snapped his fingers, sitting upright on his inflatable ball seat, which wobbled slightly beneath him. “Everyone, I’ve got it. People like dogs, right? What if instead of mattresses, we sold dogs?”

There was a long pause. “I dunno, Chad…I mean, how would you ship the dogs? And how would you keep them from running all over the place? Would dogs even put up with being slept on?”

Steve interrupted. “Guys, there are no bad ideas in a brainstorm. I like it, let’s go for it.”

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