Domus Design Collection

ddc furniture
This ad appeared in the November 13, 2016, issue of the New York Times Magazine

“Dad, I’m ready for you to drive me to my soccer game.”

“Nope, too drunk.”

“Come on, you promised! You even put on your special soccer game outfit!”

“Strictly speaking, this is my football outfit. And no, too drunk. Go down to the street and hail a cab.”

“Dad, we live in the suburbs. There aren’t any cabs.”

“Then ask your mother.”

“She’s doing some sort of performance art piece in the backyard where she papier-mâchés strips of the New Yorker all over herself. She told me to ask you.”

“Yeah, I’ve seen the piece, she did it at the neighborhood watch meeting last month. It’s derivative. Tell her I said so and that she should drive you. But first please grab me another cognac.”

“Dad, that’s not cognac. It’s Coors Light in a brandy snifter.”

“I say it’s cognac. Are you familiar with Baudrillard’s ideas about simulation?”

“OK never mind. I’ll get mom.”

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